Explore, Question and Grow in a welcoming egalitarian community in the heart of Jerusalem!

Explore traditional Jewish texts during a year, semester or summer of learning in Israel. Develop your Torah study skills in programs for post-college and college students where men and women participate fully together, in prayer as well as learning.

Explore Jewish Sources for a Year or Semester

Develop your Torah study skills in programs for post-college and college students where men and women participate fully together, in prayer as well as learning. Study focuses on traditional texts such as Talmud, Tanach, and Midrash, and on Jewish Philosophy and Prayer.


Spend a Few Weeks in Jerusalem This Summer!

Study Talmud, Bible, Philosophy, Jewish Law with students from around the world. Help out local residents as part of the Volunteer & Study option, or learn Hebrew in the Intensive Ulpan. Come live in the heart of Jerusalem for three and six week full- or half-day study.


2015-2016 Free Tuition and Living Stipends

For the next school year, the Conservative Yeshiva is offering a number of Leadership Scholarships providing free tuition and generous living stipends.

Please complete the regular Conservative Yeshiva application form and indicate your interest in the Leadership Scholarships.


MASA Scholarships

The Conservative Yeshiva is a MASA program - grants and scholarships are available to students aged 18-30 from the U.S. and most other countries.


“Acceptance of all Jews at all levels of learning and observance.”

“The liberal-yet-traditional atmosphere allows acceptance of all Jews who are looking to learn, at any stage of life, level of learning, or level of observance.”
Micah, Lancaster, PA
Nova Southeastern University, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Explore Traditional and Contemporary Approaches

At the Conservative Yeshiva you will study classical texts in the traditional way – chevruta (preparing with a study partner) and shiur (seminar-type classes) – while being open to the wisdom of modern scholarship and the challenges of social change.

Study Jewish Sources In-Depth

At the Conservative Yeshiva you will have the opportunity to study Bible, Talmud, Mishna, Hebrew, Jewish Philosophy and other Jewish texts in the original and in depth. Many classes are offered on a variety of levels, so you will feel at home.

Gain Lifelong Skills

Conservative Yeshiva graduates bring knowledge, energy and enthusiasm back with them, becoming active participants and leaders in their home communities. The experience you’ll have at the Conservative Yeshiva stays with you for life!!

Learn Talmud with Daily Daf Differently!

Each week, different rabbis and scholars contribute short reflections on the Daf Yomi, opening the Talmud to a wide and diverse audience.

Daily Daf Differently is a creative way to experience daily learning of the Talmud.

“The most dynamic learning”

"The Conservative Yeshiva was the most dynamic and exciting learning experience that I’ve ever had. There were amazing and approachable teachers and rabbis, motivated and interesting students, and a supportive and warm community."
Anya, New York, NY

Join A Vibrant Close-Knit Community

The Yeshiva’s warm, relaxed and supportive atmosphere fosters strong ties and lasting friendships.
The program includes Shabbatonim, tours, guest lectures and socializing among students, staff and faculty.

Meet Diverse Students from Around the World

The Conservative Yeshiva draws students from a variety of Jewish backgrounds (from Reform to Modern Orthodox), from North America, South Africa, Australia and many countries of Europe.

Promote Social Justice

The world stands on three things: studying Torah, serving God and helping others (Pirke Avot 1:2). At the Conservative Yeshiva students do the first two in the Beit Midrash and the third in the local community through projects such as tutoring immigrants and environmental work.

Participate in a Distance Learning Course

Register now for Conservative Yeshiva Online Learning. Students of all Hebrew levels and Jewish learning backgrounds are welcome. Conservative Yeshiva Online students have set up hevruta study in person, by phone, and even via Skype.


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Meet Students

“My experience is unparalleled”

“My Conservative Yeshiva experience is unparalleled. I loved my teachers and especially the learning that I could apply to the way I choose to live my life Jewishly – everything from how to correctly build a Sukkah to the Jewish Philosophy classes."
Catherine, Buffalo Grove, IL
Brandeis University
University of Pittsburgh, School of Law

New – Daf Shevui

The Conservative Yeshiva is introducing a new project of Torah learning to the world, Daf Shevui, beginning with Masekhet Sukkah (Tractate Sukkah). Prepared by Dr. Joshua Kulp. Every day you will receive in your inbox 1/6 of that week's daf (page) of Talmud.

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Please click here to order copies of Dr. Joshua Kulp's Mishnah Sukkah book. Proceeds from the sale of Mishnah Sukkah goes to the Conservative Yeshiva, which depends upon alumni and friends to maintain and support the Beit Midrash and intensive Jewish learning.

Short Term Visitors

Check out the Create Your Own Seminar program which offers drop-in courses, evening lectures, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations and community service volunteering.