The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

StudyBeitMidrashYour donation to the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem supports scholarships for students. The CY is the only fully egalitarian Yeshiva in Jerusalem, welcoming Jews of all backgrounds. Your support ensures that all students can learn, regardless of financial ability.

Shiurim Online Beit Midrash

The Shiurim Online Beit Midrash, the online home of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem (CY), builds your Jewish life with accessible learning content for learning on your own, with a hevruta and in your community.

Daf Shevui

Your donation to Daf Shevui brings daily Talmud learning to students around the world. This is the latest daily learning project of the Conservative Yeshiva and is taught by Dr. Joshua Kulp. More than 1000 students take part in Daf Shevui learning each day, made possible by your contributions.

Haftarah Commentary of the Conservative Yeshiva –

Your donation to the Haftarah Commentary provides weekly learning to more than 1000 people as well as individual kehillot from around the world. In the only weekly Haftarah commentary of its kind, Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein brings midrashim and rabbinic teachings of our tradition, as well as his own insights, to the beautiful words of Haftarot , the weekly reading of the Prophets.

Rabbi LebeauRabbi Jim Lebeau Conservative Yeshiva Scholarship Fund

Your donation to this fund honors Rabbi Jim Lebeau, who directed USCJ’s Israel programs for 14 years. Rabbi Lebeau was tireless in his efforts to provide scholarships for all students wishing to study at the Conservative Yeshiva. A donation to this fund supports students from around the world seeking to deepen their Jewish knowledge and commitment.

Rabbi Marvin Richardson z”l Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund honors the life and work of Rabbi Marvin Richardson. Rabbi Richardson served Ahavath Achim Synagogue in Atlanta, the East Brunswick Jewish Center and the Jericho Jewish Center. While living in Israel, he worked with various educational organizations sponsoring programs for American students. He passed away on February 13, 2014. Your donation honors his memory and supports scholarships to the Conservative Yeshiva.

Fuchsberg Center Capital Campaign

Funds raised in this capital campaign help maintain and improve the facilities that allow Jews from all over the world to enjoy the Jerusalem/Israel Experience.

Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center Programs Fund

Jews from all over the world visit for study, guidance, fellowship, hospitality and to be exposed to the Jerusalem/Israel experience; your donation supports the programs of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center.

The students of the Conservative Yeshiva receive financial aid thanks to generous donors who have dedicated endowments to provide yearly scholarships.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Morris D. Baker (z”l) Endowed Scholarship

CAMBR Foundation Scholarship

Letitia Geller Endowed Fund

Rosalie Katz (z”l) Scholarship Fund

Sosland Foundation

David and Elli Weinstein Scholarship Fund

Julius C. Weinstein (z”l) Scholarship Fund

Ruth Immerman Weinstein (z”l) Scholarship Fund

The Conservative Yeshiva thanks the following institutions, foundations, and individuals for providing annual scholarships

United Synagogue Youth Tikun Olam

Gary Berman

Rabbi William Berman

Family of Horace Bier

Rabbi Mark Bisman

Brooklyn Jewish Center

Julius and Ray Charlestein Foundation

Morton and Malvena (z”l) Charlestein

Rabbi Gary Charlestein

Chesed Foundation

Family of Matthew Eisenfeld (z’l)

Rene Feinstein

Anne and Gerald Freedman

Marc and Michelle Gary

Rabbi Aubrey Glazer

Rabbi Steven Glazer

Rabbi Baruch Goldstein

Rabbi Michael Gotlieb

Mervin and Rosalind Gray

Leonard and Lois Green

Family of Stephen M. Gross (z’l)

Judge Joseph and Suzanne Gruber

Donald and Bluma Herman

Lee and Ronna Javitz

Scott and Shelley Kaplan

Dr. Richard and Rosalind Kaufman

Keren Keshet Fund

Al and Temma Kingsley

Charles & Lynn Kramer Family Foundation

Rabbi Benjamin Z. Kreitman

Franklin and Judy Kreutzer

Eugene and Gloria Landy

Joy Lawrence

Dr. Ellen Lefkowitz

Rabbi Shalom Lewis

Rabbi Marc and Dr. Henia Liebhaber

Rabbi Steven Lindemann

Lipman Kanfer Family Foundaton

Dr. Bruce Littman

Jonathan M. Lopatin

Larry and Margo Magid

Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman

Rabbi Joyce Newmark

Charles and Jan Nirenberg

Robert and Joy Perla

Gary and Vicki Phillips

Robert and Susy Raful

Albert Ratner

Richard and Heidi Rieger

The Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation

Rabbi David Rosen

Mark and Carol Rosen

Rabbi Len Rosenthal

Rabbi Francine and Marc Roston

Rabbi Bernard and Benita Rotman

Helen Rubin

Rudin Foundation, Inc.

Eric Sambol

Harry and Joan Samet

Rabbi Phil Scheim

Rabbi Joel Schwab

Norman and Irene Sholk

Donald and Lorraine Skupsky

Rabbi Marion and William Shulevitz

Alan and Margaret Silberman

Rabbi Melvin and Lenore Sirner

Richard and Sherrie Skolnik

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

Morton and Miriam Steinberg

Rabbi Harlan Wechsler

Rabbi Loel and Patricia Weiss

Gary and Dr. Marilyn Wind

Dr. Stephen and Elysia Wolnek

Mark and Judy Yudof

And several anonymous donors