Lindsay RollerAs the first week of class draws to a close, all of the students studying at the yeshiva this year are beginning to settle into learning and living in Jerusalem. For many of us, this is a once in a lifetime chance to spend a year learning Talmud, Torah, Kabbalah, and Hebrew in the middle of this holy and wholly confusing city, for others it is part of a longer journey to become a rabbi, and for even some others this is a chance to study our traditions and history before going to college and taking that first step into adulthood. No matter what brought us to the Yeshiva, we are all here because we are Jews who want to actively participate in our faith and culture while getting an up close view of the country we can all call home. A blessing that this year will be one full of Torah, kavanah, and kehila as we share this year together.

This is my second in a lifetime chance to study in this amazing community. I attended the CY during the 2012-13 year and loved every moment. I remember forming strong friendships that will continue to last for even more years to come and I am excited to see the beginnings of those relationships forming again with everyone this year. Our beit midrash is a unique space where a group of people can grow closer to each other and to Judaism. Even when each of us returns across the seas to our native communities, we will remember our home in the beit midrash and we can know that there are always people developing their own Jewish lives within its walls. This thought has made me smile countless times while I was away and I am blessed to once again have the opportunity to be a part of this community.

Lindsay Roller
Pre-school Teacher in Los Angeles
Synagogue: Temple Beth Am
Hometown: Livermore, California