256The new podcasting series, Jewish Soul Food with Yiscah, “provides spiritual food and nourishment to the soul – where we may encounter the Divine Presence within and perhaps hear the soul’s unique “still small voice” – through the sharing and reflecting on various insights and teachings on the inner dimension of the Torah – gently leading and guiding each of us on the sweet path of authentic living,” explains creator and CY faculty member Yiscah Smith.

Yiscah Smith is a spiritual activist, Jewish educator and spiritual mentor. She recently published her memoir, “Forty Years in the Wilderness: My Journey to Authentic Living.” Yiscah’s life has been an inspiring and courageous journey of the joys and struggles with her own spirituality, gender identity and commitment to living a life of truth, wholeness and authenticity. Yiscah lives in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. She teaches at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and online on the inner meanings of Jewish texts, emphasizing the Torah’s spiritual insights. In her private practice Yiscah provides spiritual guidance for authentic living, both in person and online.

Jewish Soul Food with Yiscah is available free of charge on iTunes and Player FM for  Android and PCs.