Alex-cyI am just checking in about my time for the last couple weeks here at the CY. I have been pushing myself beyond where I have in the past. Learning all day has been just such a blessing and a privilege. This past week I have had the opportunity to be back in the full swing of things. I was previously not feeling healthy. As I am here this week I am able to give a full effort. There is the ability to dig into the minds of people that lived so many years ago.

I was studying Midrash earlier Breishit Rabbah 68: “He matches them to their will, not to their benefit.” This in the context of being matched with our Besheret by Hashem. In this text today I was able to learn that Hashem would not match people “to their will.” Instead he decided to match people according to his will. Why would this be so? Hashem is the one that has the whole picture of people we think we know what is best but in the end the ultimate Avinu Malkinu knows what is best for us. Due to ourselves being finite, we cannot compare to Hashem’s infinity. Our Chochmah can never be as vas and expansive as Hashem’s. Due to this it is Hashem that gives the ultimate Shidduch.

Alexander E. Epstein
Los Angeles

Personal Trainer