Alex checking in to tell you about my experience currently at the Conservative Yeshiva. I feel deep profound connection. There is such an absorbent amount of love that flows between teachers and students. The teachers are oozing with wisdom which gives me the opportunity to attain greater intellect, and a different way of thinking. I can safe to say gain wisdom from these teachers teach me what it means to be an observant Jew. There has never been a time more important in my life to attain the knowledge as to how to follow the path of Judaism. What a gift from Hashem it is to be in a place that surrounds one with people that have a serious love of G-d.

My favorite class of mine right now is a transformational Mishna that will become a Gemara class taught by Yarden Raber. His style of teaching is flawless. He is so passionate about Gemara that one could feel it energetically. As we have shiur he explains everything in great detail that we had previously discussed in Chevruta. Having teachers like him here makes it a better place and an environment that is over all welcoming. I will not talk of every teacher because they all have their great gifts and bring a different light as we discuss Torah. I will however, mention how grateful I am for the vision that these teachers share of a liberal and open-minded Judaism. When I study here can truly call it a second home as it is a Beis Midrash. Look forward to sharing with you guys soon. Have a beautiful day and a GREAT SHABBOS!!!!!!

Alexander E. Epstein