Text & Context: Visions of Repentance in the Rosh Hashanah Liturgy

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Thank you for your interest in the Conservative Yeshiva’s new text-study course: “Text & Context: Visions of Repentance in the Rosh Hashanah Liturgy.”

By clicking the image above, you will be taken to registration form. After completing the form you will be provided with the relevant links and download instructions to access to the course materials.

We have also provided a link to join a Facebook study group for individual learners and teachers looking to get the most out of the course.

The Conservative Yeshiva is making this video available through the support of USCJ as a fulfillment of the teaching, “yagdil Torah v’ya’adir,” to increase Torah and make it valuable.

In a similar vein, the Conservative Yeshiva also produces the weekly Torah Sparks and Haftarah commentaries, Mishnah Yomit (one Mishnah per day with questions and commentary), and Daf Shevui (a page of a Talmud each week, broken into smaller pieces for daily learning) – all of which reflect The Conservative Yeshiva’s serious, meaning oriented, non dogmatic approach to Torah learning and Jewish culture.

We hope this video, and those that follow, will be a source of intellectual and spiritual engagement that promotes both personal growth and the growth of your kehilot.


Dr. Joshua Kulp and Rabbi Joel Levy
Rashei HaYeshiva
The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

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