“The CY summer program has stregthened my Jewish identity and broadened my knowledge and understanding of Judaism and halacha. I feel profoundly moved by the people I’ve met and the journeys that they’re on. I’ve been pushed outside of my comfort zone, which has been a really valuable point of learning. I’ve been inspired to make more #infrummeddecisions about my Jewish life!
I highly recommend the Conservative Yeshiva! It is an amazing, open and inspiring environment. It is a safe space which enables you to think deeply and critically and transform yourself into something rather than forcing you to be something particular. It’s a unique space that fosters powerful connections with yourself, others and The Source.”

 Sofia Zway, South Africa

Emily Volz
 “Studying at the yeshiva has made me realize that it’s possible to live an observant Jewish life without sacrificing egalitarianism and liberal values.
I would recommend the CY to others who are looking for a modern institution where they can challenge their ideas about Judaism with students from around the world.”

– Emily Volz, USA

Yoav Achlen“The CY has made a very nice impact on me. Great teachers, awesome classes who move you in thought and knowledge.

This a great chance to deepening your knowledge in Torah”
– Yoav Achlem, Sweden 





Maribeth“The CY has impacted me in several ways. The yeshiva is like immersion in a mikva: not all results are immediately apparent. However, I have found new connections to Jewish practice and have learned new ways to look at the mishna, PLUS – my Hebrew is much better!

There have been so many highlights of this program. One was the Ezrat Yisrael services at the Egal part of the Western Wall has been a highlight.
If you want to learn/improve your Hebrew- COME!
If you enjoy Torah study – COME!
If you want to connect more deeply with your Judaism – COME!

– Maribeth Lipscomb, USA


“I first attended the CY in 2014-2015 Winter Break Program. I realized I wanted to spend a year in Israel and I came back to pursue Torah for the year. Once the year program ended, I extended my learning with the 2 summer sessions at the CY. The yeshiva gave me the space to turn myself into a frum yid.
I would say if you want a place where you can grow spiritually and be serious about textual learning then come for a year and get a full scope of what this place has to offer!
The yeshiva has really become my home and I am truly sad to say goodbye to it.”

 Ya’acov Yisrael Epstien, USA



IMG_6726 (1)
 “I’ve said the Kaddish hundreds, if not thousands of times and I have never quite been able to say “Y’hei sh’mei raba m’varach l’alam u-lamlmei almaya” – my tongue tripped over the last four words. After 4 weeks of practice, I can say it, no problem!
I would absolutely recommend the summer program. If you want to learn intensively or examine your Judaism in a challenging but supportive environment, this is the place for you!
I’ve enjoyed my time so much, I plan on staying on for the upcoming year program”

– Sarah McCulloch, United Kingdom



IMG_6742 (2)

“Being here has grounded me into the daily life of a Jerusalemite. In a matter of a few weeks, I’ve developed deep friendships with passionate and driven Jews from around the world. The brief time I spent with the brilliant professors has enlarged my grasp of history and heritage.
If you want to learn some Torah with many Jews of all ages, from all over the world, this is for you! The educators are extremely creative and knowledgeable, very accessible outside of class. This is an intense environment where you are expected to push and challenge yourself.
It is well worth it.”

– Brett Kopin, USA




“A highlight for me has been being able to read the Torah in JERUSALEM in the minyan!

The teachers here are awesome, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and so welcoming! I have greatly enjoyed going to teachers homes for shabbat meals! 

If you come to the CY and immerse yourself for 3 weeks, you will not only learn Hebrew, more about your Judaism, but you will also meet many people, find a closer connection to your religion, and a closer connection to G-d. Makes me not want to leave! Looking forward to coming back!” 

    – Vivian Perlmutter, USA




IMG_6744 (1)“The CY is an inspiring community for learning the Hebrew language in a personal and individualized way. The teachers know you, help you, and love to teach what is interesting and appropriate levels for all students.

 The ulpan director, Nitza Shalitin, has a passion for Hebrew that is unparalleled among all the other teachers I have had in other institutions. Her experience as a teacher and administrator makes this learning environment special and extraordinary.”
– Yoni Kintzer, USA