for a week or a month

The Conservative Yeshiva Summer Program is divided into two 3-week sessions, each of which offers specific tracks.

What all of them have in common is the Yeshiva’s unique character as a dynamic, open-minded, egalitarian community studying Jewish texts for its own sake in the heart of Jerusalem.

Regardless of the track/session you’ve chosen, all summer students are able to participate in special Yeshiva programming and events including: morning prayers at the Egalitarian Kotel, community meals and guest speakers.

Features of the Summer Program

  • Language of instruction in English (except where noted).
  • Hebrew knowledge is helpful but not required.
  • Students find their own accommodations, usually within walking distance of the yeshiva.
  • Students of all learning levels, backgrounds and interests welcome!
  • Open to ages 19+.
  • Limited financial support available.

Session I – 3 weeks
June 17 – July 5, 2018

  • Half Day – $450
  • Full Day – $800

Session II – 3 weeks
July 8 – July 26, 2018

  • Half Day – $450
  • Full Day – $800

Those doing both session pay a reduced cost.
It may be possible to participate in part of a session.
Contact cyoffice@uscj.org.

Hebrew Ulpan - Mornings

The Conservative Yeshiva Summer Hebrew Ulpan, in Jerusalem, Israel, is an opportunity to study Hebrew intensively for a short period of time in a small, congenial class as part of the popular Conservative Yeshiva Summer Program for college and post-college students from around the world. The top-notch Hebrew Ulpan teachers, motivated fellow students, and location in the center of Jerusalem, Israel, combine to make this a premier Hebrew language experience.

Five levels of modern Hebrew study are offered, including reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and Israeli culture.

Summer Hebrew Ulpan Director, Nitza Shalitin

Nitza has taught Hebrew to overseas students at the Hebrew University One Year Program, the Melton Educators Program and Mechina program, and at Hebrew Union College, all in Jerusalem, Israel. She teaches Hebrew and coordinates the Conservative Yeshiva’s Ulpan programs.

Jewish Text Study - Afternoons

See the Session II and Session III Course Schedules for offerings.

Volunteer & Study - Full Day

The Conservative Yeshiva’s Volunteer & Study Summer Program provides the opportunity to be part of a diverse learning community as well as integrate into the Jerusalem community by volunteering with an Israeli non-profit organization. This special program includes:

Choice of afternoon (Jewish text study) or morning (Hebrew Ulpan) in the Conservative Yeshiva Summer Learning Program coupled with half-day intensive volunteering in one of 4 tracks:

  • Education: Working with children & youth
  • Caring for the Community: Working with people in need – Feeding the hungry
  • Organizational development: Social media- Marketing- Resource Development
  • Human Rights: features a special program of afternoon study, the Torah of Human Rights, with morning volunteering in an Israeli Human Rights organization (Session II only)

An opportunity to improve your knowledge as well as contribute your skills and expertise to help others and make a real difference.

Learn about the Jewish traditions of Tikun Olam (Repairing the World) and Gemilut Chasidim (Acts of Loving Kindness) and apply the traditions through meaningful volunteering.

Special orientation to prepare for the volunteer experience and support throughout your volunteering.

Participation in all special events at the Conservative Yeshiva.

Please see the Summer Learning Program for Admission and Tuition information.

Volunteer & Study Summer Program in the Press

“North Americans volunteers can be found working on Israel Defense Forces bases, creating art with Alzheimer’s patients, playing games with children in battered women’s shelters, working alongside disabled adults in sheltered workshops, assisting with fundraising, consulting on social marketing, and developing community gardens with local residents.”

As we learn in Pirkei Avot, “It is not what you say but rather what you do that makes a difference in the world.”

The Conservative Yeshiva Volunteer & Study program is offered in cooperation with Skilled Volunteers for Israel, and is supported by Repair the World.

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Repair the World


Volunteer & Study - Torah of Human Rights - Full Day

Our era has seen the first foundations of a global order predicated on protecting and nurturing all human beings. From the abyss of the Holocaust, humanity set out on a journey to achieve agreement regarding binding norms to protect human life and dignity. For the first time in the history of our species, the contours of a global order based on justice and human security has come into view. While the obstacles are great, and injustice and poverty still surround us, the time has come to invest whats necessary for guaranteeing civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights for all members of the human race.

The Human Rights track at the Conservative Yeshiva is your opportunity to help achieve this goal while deepening your roots in Judaism and Israel. It combines a morning of volunteering with an afternoon of intensive Jewish text study. Come to Jerusalem to invest your strength in achieving the vision of the prophets who walked the stone streets of this Holy City: They will not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, for the world will be filled with the consciousness of God as the waters fill the seas. (Isaiah 11:9).

The Study Program

The study segment of the program is a course in Jewish Human Rights education. The course is called The Torah of Human Rights, and is divided into two sections: The Torah of Human Rights (three weekly meetings) and The Framing of Human Rights (two weekly meetings). The goal of the study segment is to explore the Torah meaning of Human Rights, and to introduce the participants to Jewish Human Rights Education. For participants who are also educators, an additional goal of the course will be to enable them to take the course-materials of The Torah of Human Rights and to teach the course themselves. We’ll consider how participants might adapt the course-materials to better reflect their educational goals and audience. Click here for full course descriptions. 

The Volunteer Program

Volunteering in the Human Rights track enables participants to work in an Israeli non-profit organization with a human rights mission. Volunteering provides hands-on experience in which participants work on a project, contributing through grassroots involvement and learning about the organization, issues and Israel throughout the process.

The volunteer component of the human rights tracks gives participants the experience of na’ase v’nishma- doing and learning. While participants study the meaning of human rights in the Jewish tradition, volunteering provides participants with the opportunity to apply and explore their learning in the field.

Participants will volunteer 4-5 mornings per week during the three week session. Volunteer placements are structured to utilize to the extent possible the participants skills and interests. Hebrew language skills are not required although knowledge of spoken Hebrew and Arabic can certainly be an asset to placement.

Human Rights Issues for Volunteer Placement

(Modified from the list of the UN Office for Human Rights)

  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
  • Poverty, Discrimination & Adequate Housing
  • Refugees & Asylum Seekers
  • Arab Israelis & Rights of Minority Communities
  • Human Trafficking
  • Terrorism
  • Health & HIV/AIDS
  • Womens Issues
  • Racism


The Torah of Human Rights Website provides more details about the conceptual framework and order of study of the program.

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