Torah Sparks

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Torah Sparks is a weekly email, also printable as a booklet, with insights and learning materials on the Torah portion and Haftarah of that week.

Each week includes a Dvar Torah – a discussion on some aspect of the reading, by either a Conservative Yeshiva faculty member, current student, or alumni; Table Talk – questions to stimulate discussion on the Torah portion around the Shabbat table; and a Dvar Haftarah – commentary on that week’s Haftarah by Rabbi Mordechai (Mitchell) Silverstein is a senior faculty member here at the Conservative Yeshiva.

Torah Sparks is available as a weekly email subscription, a printable version designed for Kehillot to make booklets, and as a blog on

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Prior to the October 2017 revisioning of Torah Sparks, Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein produced a stand alone weekly Haftarah Commentary. You can find the archives from 5762 — 5777 here.