Scholarships and Financial Aid

For the coming school year, the Conservative Yeshiva is offering a number of Leadership Scholarships providing free tuition with monthly living stipends.  Please complete the regular Conservative Yeshiva application and indicate your interest in the Leadership Scholarships.

We want to help you find the resources you need to spend the year at the Conservative Yeshiva!  Through the generosity of many friends of the Conservative Yeshiva, financial aid is available for Year, Kollel, and Discover Jerusalem programs. Applications for this assistance can be made through the Yeshiva office.

The Conservative Yeshiva thanks the various institutions, foundations, and individuals for providing annual scholarships. Click here to see the list of scholarship donors. 

Year Program Scholarships

Financial aid is available to year students in the form of tuition reduction. Accepted applicants may fill out a financial aid application through the online application system. A limited number of scholarships and stipends may be offered to Jewish communal professionals and advanced students.

Year Program Full Tuition Scholarships for Current/Future Campus Professionals

Full-tuition scholarships are available for current/future campus Jewish professionals. Scholarships will be awarded to incoming Conservative Yeshiva students who plan to work in KOACH, Hillel, or other Jewish campus organizations. The scholarship recipients must be recommended by Hillel or KOACH professionals and must commit to seeking work on campus upon their return from Israel. Candidates will be considered on the basis of their record of campus activities and organizing, experience in youth work and camping, and other relevant experience. Applicants should have experience working with KOACH, Hillel, or another campus Jewish organization, as staff or student leaders. Please contact the Conservative Yeshiva office to receive a Campus Leaders scholarship application.

Abe and Gert Nutkis Scholarship for Israel Study and Service

Apply now for the the Abe and Gert Nutkis Scholarship for Israel Study and Service and receive grants of up to $5,000 for full-year study at the Conservative Yeshiva! Preference will be given to students who have little or no previous experience in Israel. First priority will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.

Recipients must concurrently perform a minimum of four hours weekly volunteer service throughout the academic year with ATZUM  or an ATZUM approved organization.  All application materials must be submitted by April 1, 2014.  Click here for more information on the scholarship and how to apply.

MASA Awards

The MASA program of the Jewish Agency awards grants and scholarships to students aged 18-30 for study in an approved Israel program of at least 5 months. The Conservative Yeshiva year programs are approved for MASA. MASA scholarship applications are available online. Note that part of the MASA application must be filed through the Conservative Yeshiva, once an applicant has been accepted.

Other Sources for Financial Aid
Your local Federation may be able to provide you with financial help for study in Israel.

Your synagogue, your family’s synagogue or your rabbi may also be able to provide you with funds or suggested sources of funding.

The Dorot Foundation (Email) offers yearlong scholarships for work and study in Israel. Their application deadline is usually in January.

Ramah Israel Programs offers a limited number of work/study scholarships for one semester of study at the Conservative Yeshiva to students with extensive camp staff experience. To find out more, email Ramah Israel’s Lilmod Ulelamed program.

The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the memory of Alisa Flatow, a 20-year-old student who was killed in a terrorist attack near the settlement of Kfar Darom on April 9, 1995. The Fund has been established to encourage others to follow in Alisa’s footsteps by studying Judaism at schools in the State of Israel. Awards are based on a combined merit and need basis. The intention of the Fund is to aid those students showing academic promise in religious studies and the need for financial assistance to pursue study in Israel. Please note the application deadline for the following fall is February 15!

The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the memory of Amy Adina Schulman, a 20-year-old student who died suddenly of an aneurysm during her third year at Rutgers University. Amy Adina had a strong commitment to social justice and Israel. The Fund has been established to encourage others to pursue the ideals of egalitarianism, civil rights, peace, dialogue, love of Israel, among others, to which Amy Adina was committed. Awards are merit based; however, financial need is also a consideration. The intention of the Fund is to aid those applicants who demonstrate a strong personal commitment to bettering the lives of others.

Limited scholarship funds are available for residents of New York, Cleveland, OH, Tulsa, OK, and Western Massachusetts. Contact the Conservative Yeshiva office for details.

Residents of New York City, Westchester County, or Long Island may be eligible for free loans. Contact:
The Hebrew Free Loan Society
675 Third Avenue, #1905
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-687-0188
Fax: 212-682-1120

Stafford Loan Deferment
If you already have Stafford Loans, you may arrange to have your payments deferred while you are studying at the Conservative Yeshiva. You must request a deferral form from your lender that will be signed by the Conservative Yeshiva after you begin your learning program.

Scholarship Donors

The students of the Conservative Yeshiva receive financial aid thanks to generous donors who have dedicated endowments to provide yearly scholarships.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Morris D. Baker (z”l) Endowed Scholarship

CAMBR Foundation Scholarship

Letitia Geller Endowed Fund

Rosalie Katz (z”l) Scholarship Fund

Sosland Foundation

David and Elli Weinstein Scholarship Fund

Julius C. Weinstein (z”l) Scholarship Fund

Ruth Immerman Weinstein (z”l) Scholarship Fund

The Conservative Yeshiva thanks the following institutions, foundations, and individuals for providing annual scholarships

United Synagogue Youth Tikun Olam

Gary Berman

Rabbi William Berman

Family of Horace Bier

Rabbi Mark Bisman

Brooklyn Jewish Center

Julius and Ray Charlestein Foundation

Morton and Malvena (z”l) Charlestein

Rabbi Gary Charlestein

Chesed Foundation

Family of Matthew Eisenfeld (z’l)

Rene Feinstein

Anne and Gerald Freedman

Marc and Michelle Gary

Rabbi Aubrey Glazer

Rabbi Steven Glazer

Rabbi Baruch Goldstein

Rabbi Michael Gotlieb

Mervin and Rosalind Gray

Leonard and Lois Green

Family of Stephen M. Gross (z’l)

Judge Joseph and Suzanne Gruber

Donald and Bluma Herman

Lee and Ronna Javitz

Scott and Shelley Kaplan

Dr. Richard and Rosalind Kaufman

Keren Keshet Fund

Al and Temma Kingsley

Charles & Lynn Kramer Family Foundation

Rabbi Benjamin Z. Kreitman

Franklin and Judy Kreutzer

Eugene and Gloria Landy

Joy Lawrence

Dr. Ellen Lefkowitz

Rabbi Shalom Lewis

Rabbi Marc and Dr. Henia Liebhaber

Rabbi Steven Lindemann

Lipman Kanfer Family Foundaton

Dr. Bruce Littman

Jonathan M. Lopatin

Larry and Margo Magid

Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman

Rabbi Joyce Newmark

Charles and Jan Nirenberg

Robert and Joy Perla

Gary and Vicki Phillips

Robert and Susy Raful

Albert Ratner

Richard and Heidi Rieger

The Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation

Rabbi David Rosen

Mark and Carol Rosen

Rabbi Len Rosenthal

Rabbi Francine and Marc Roston

Rabbi Bernard and Benita Rotman

Helen Rubin

Rudin Foundation, Inc.

Eric Sambol

Harry and Joan Samet

Rabbi Phil Scheim

Rabbi Joel Schwab

Norman and Irene Sholk

Donald and Lorraine Skupsky

Rabbi Marion and William Shulevitz

Alan and Margaret Silberman

Rabbi Melvin and Lenore Sirner

Richard and Sherrie Skolnik

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

Morton and Miriam Steinberg

Rabbi Harlan Wechsler

Rabbi Loel and Patricia Weiss

Gary and Dr. Marilyn Wind

Dr. Stephen and Elysia Wolnek

Mark and Judy Yudof

And several anonymous donors