Ilana Kurshan, Conservative Yeshiva Faculty
with Dr. Ilana Blumberg of Bar Ilan University

#1 Best Seller in Talmud
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“With this memoir, Ilana Kurshan enters the exclusive club of daf yomi learners, a club that was, for generations, restricted to men. With sincerity, humor, and insight, she invites readers into her experience of studying Talmud as a young woman in Jerusalem. Hers is a stunningly original voice in the world of Torah and the world of literature. Go run and read this book.” —Ruth Calderon, author of A Bride for One Night
“Kurshan’s beautiful prose weaves the trials and tribulations of her personal seven-year journey together with the Talmud texts she’s learning. I applaud, and am awed, by this moving and remarkable memoir.” —Maggie Anton, author of Rashi’s Daughters
“In this deeply personal and often hilarious story, Kurshan shows us how the Talmud’s thousands of strange and demanding pages, read at one page a day for seven years, become a conversation about how best to live one’s life in an imperfect world. Kurshan awakens us to our imperfect world’s hidden magnificence—and to the power of literature to inspire human resilience. A stunning, gorgeous memoir.” —Dara Horn, author of The World to Come
“Uniquely beautiful… [Kurshan’s] love for the written word is palpable… We, the readers, witness a woman living her life infused with rabbinic textual wisdom… Kurshan’s Daf Yomi memoir is a testament to how ancient wisdom continues to resonate across generational, gender and cultural divides.” —Haviva Ner-David, The Jerusalem Report

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“Piercingly intelligent… Riveting… What Kurshan has produced is entirely novel…. It is a deep dive into a body of literature that is frequently misunderstood, seen for its trees of opinion rather than its forest of pluralistic ideals…. [Kurshan] skips nimbly and with great velocity, on the page and in person, from Rabbi Eliezer to Keats and back again.” —Mitch Ginsburg, The Times of Israel
“There is humor and heartbreak in these pages…Kurshan immerses herself in the demands of daily Talmud study and allows the words of ancient scholars to transform the patterns of her own life.” —Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs, The Wall Street Journal
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