Daf Shevui

Prepared by Dr. Joshua Kulp, Rosh Yeshiva at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Daf Shevui makes it easy and convenient to learn one full daf (folio page) of Talmud each week. Every day but Shabbat, you will receive an email covering 1/6 of that week’s daf, including the original Hebrew/Aramaic, an English Translation, and an English commentary by Dr. Kulp. The email at the start of each week also contains a short video of Dr. Kulp giving an overview of the daf.

If you miss a day or want to go back and learn material that was sent out before you subscribed, you can find it in the cloud-based Daf Shevui Archive.

Participants are encouraged to talk to each other, and ask questions of Dr. Kulp, by joining the Daf Shevui Facebook Group.