Torah Sparks

parchment with hebrew writing and metal pointer indicating toward a word

Produced weekly by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, each issue of Torah Sparks has three sections:

  • Dvar Torah – Award-winning author of “If All the Seas Were Ink“, faculty member Ilana Kurshan, brings us Aggadic discussions tied to themes from the weekly Torah portion.
  • Table Talk – questions developed by faculty member Vered Hollander-Goldfarb to stimulate thinking and discussion on the Torah portion around the Shabbat table.
  • Dvar Haftarah – original interpretations on the weekly Haftarah by faculty member Bex Stern-Rosenblatt.

Torah Sparks is available as a weekly email (subscribe here).
Interested in a Premium experience in which you receive Torah Sparks and participate in a weekly Parashat Hashavua hevruta-style class with Bex Stern Rosenblatt? Learn more here.


Prior to the October 2017, Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein
produced a stand-alone weekly Haftarah Commentary.

The archives from 5762-5777 can be found here.