Jonty Blackman
For over 20 years, Jonty Blackman has served as a licensed tour guide, educator, and lecturer for all types of groups visiting Israel and Poland impacting thousands of individuals worldwide. These groups have included Momentum and Birthright groups, March of the Living, JDC and Jewish Federation missions, and Melton Centre Israel Seminars. He has also consulted with tour companies such as Go Inspire and Israel Maven and has guided countless families and private individuals around the Holy Land bringing his gift of history and story-telling to the masses. Jonty recently spent two years in Sydney, Australia, where he served as Director of the Experiential Department of Jewish Education for Moriah College. An ordained rabbi, Jonty studied for several years at Yeshivat Har Etzion and received his Masters’ Degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew University.

Fifth Day of Hanukkah (6th night)

Virtual Tour of Israel for Hanukkah

Come celebrate the fifth day of Hanukkah with us! Join Jonty Blackman on a virtual tour of the Land of the Maccabees. While we are all aware of the story of the little jug of oil; many of us are not aware of the years of difficulty and battles that led to the Hanukkah victory. We will follow the twists and turns that led from the caves of the Judean Lowlands through to the town of Modi’in where the Maccabean Revolt erupted. On the hills of Samaria and Judea, we will follow Judah and his supporters as they march toward their goal of liberation of the Temple and Jerusalem. Along the way, we will gain insights into aspects of the Hanukkah story that have impacted the way in which we celebrate in modern times.

Price: Only $10
Tuesday 12/15/20
Time:10:30am Pacific/ 1:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CET/ 8:30pm Israel